Generosity and Boundaries. Video

According to Brene Brown, the most compassionate people in the world have the best boundaries. They don’t over give or allow anyone to harm them. We’re taught that a good person is generous and shares, but do we have to loose something in order to be a good person? Are they mutually exclusive?

Take a look.

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Eden Rediscovered.

My purpose
Whispers in spaces
Between television commercials
And my heart
Leaps to be free
From her cage
Of time and arriving.
I am bursting
With love
And I wish to
Share it fully
And to have it
Incorporate into the
Great machine which
Eternally churns out
Men and women
Into the awakening.
I long to be there
As eyes and hearts open
And see anew.
I wish to direct
As it unfolds.
We can be do and
And now is the
Tidal wave of creation
Beating fast upon
Our shores.
Let us ride her
Into the expanse
And watch as the
From her slumbering.
Let us lead
The peaceful ones
The loving ones
The easy ones
Into their

To Judge or Not To Judge. Video

The judgement mechanism is there for us to prevent our own harm, so then why do we say we must not judge? Is that a correct principle? Or do we just not want to seem judgmental even if the judgement is for our own good? Where and how do we draw the line?

Take a look.

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Take on an
Eerie silence
And distant birdcall
And traffic
And chatter
Drone in a quasi
That is
Three year old me’s
The sunlight
Streaming overhead
On all sides
Create silly shadows
And the air takes
On a murky
And dust fairies
From floor
To drapes
And back again
And children
Giggle and smack
And crunch and slurp
And aromas
Of lunchtimes
From room to room.
How does noonday
Create a
Meditation from

Turning a Mistake Into An Opportunity – Video

It can take some vulnerability and a lot of courage but when you are focused on a common goal such as being a family, you dig deep and reach for that connection. This is how you take a situation which could have been a mistake and turn it into an opportunity. Remember we’re always doing the best we can.

Take a look.

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Someone will
See you at your
And smile
Because they have
Seen you at your
And they’ll take
Your hand
And help you stand
Though uncomfortable
It may be at first.
They’ll lead you
Into the light
When they see
Shadows lingering near.
They’ll step in to
Lend a helping hand
Long before you
Because it’s a team
They’ll hang their
Hat and their coat and their shoes
Right next to yours
And never go
After whatever else
Might be out there
Because what’s already
In here
Is more than enough
More than expected
More than just minimal.
Someday you’ll
Find it easy and light
And wonder
Just what all
The fuss was.
It just happened
So naturally
Gradually and
It won’t need
To ever be scary
Or a sad ending –
Ending too early –
It’ll carry you
Forward and through
To the next
Or as close as
You get without
Getting too squirly
For other lifetimes
And chances
And plot advances
Your soul’s
Ever growing towards
A destiny
Expanded frequency
Bringing heaven to earth
Generation by generation
Working in unity
And processing towards
And reaching out
Beyond the stars
To others earths
And mars’.
So for today
Radiant white light
And sitting
In love’s
And frequently thinking
Of seeing life differently
And holding spaces
For life to provide.

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When the Answer is NO. Video

When walking into situations are you willing to take no for an answer? Can you live with the consequences? And can you still be limitless and still respect “NO”?

Take a look.

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Would You Do It Anyway? Video.

When you make a choice, if no one else was in your corner, would you still do it? Who are you basing your choices on? Who are you listening to?

Take a look.

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Limitlessness in a Finite World. Video

Can we truly be limitless in a world which is finite? Can we be above our conditions all the time? Can we manage every element of life at all times? Who are you listening to?

Take a look.

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Fire discs spinning
Like saw blades
Cutting through my
Orbital burning
Into flesh and illuminating
The parts of my
Face my own eyes
Catch glimpses of.
You command
And I follow.
You I would bow to.
You I would lay down
Arms and armor and take up
And take on
Roles and rehearsed schemes
As you command,
Silently inspire.
You still my mouth
And fill it with
Burial rags.
You remove me
From my heart
And mind
And that senseless
Drone of other voices
Calling us
To call it off.
You bind me to
And break my skin
With gentleness
Until my throat is
Brittle with
The empty shell of my
Are you he
Or did I summon
You there?
A vessel mostly empty
And a life mostly
And yet you
Occupy all of me.
Will you come
Or will you be dragged
Into races
You’re not accustomed to?
It seems like an
Old game to me now
And yet codes have been
Step forward to my
And lay me upon it.
I’ll fill your chalice
With each heartbeat
And you will not
Show mercy.
Be relentless
With me.
I am consumed.

Being Limitless Freaks People Out. Video

Have you ever noticed that when you start talking about being limitless, other people immediately want to tell you all the reasons you CAN’T do something? The fears that come up are their fears. What are yours?

Take a look.

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My sphinx
Standing eternally
O’er me
My Shiva eternally
Cradling me
My Sun
My navigator of
The stars
Brave and gentle warrior
He who tends
My mountain home
Silver surfer
From the north star
Red dragon
My general
In flesh
We are magnets
For one another
And this entropy
Between us
Entangled quantum stardust
Settle beside me
And breathe my
Universe into yours
And restore our
All is well and good
And our path is
Paved in iridium and gold
As we shepherd our
To Gaia’s paradise
And return eden to
Her former innocence.
Come my love.
We’ve lingered too long
And it’s long since
To live this life
As we’ve designed.
And so it is!

There Are No Guarantees. Video.

There are no guarantees in life and that is a GOOD Thing! Without a cookie cutter, one size fits all plan of life, we are LIMITLESS. This means we can literally do whatever we want to do. Having no guarantees means that there’s no reason for things to NOT work out. There’s no reason for you to NOT get have do or feel whatever you want at any time!

Take a look.

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Real Doll.

That you’re not hurting
You don’t see
Not to notice
Not to feel a thing
Pretend it’s not lonely
Like you don’t cry
To be happy
You’re in everyone’s eyes
To be what they expect
Not to be too smart
Not to work too hard
To enjoy your part.
You’re heart isn’t pounding
Not to be terrified
It’s all alright
To have a plan.

Reality of a Spiritual Life. Video

While life is a TON better, life is still life. There are still ups and downs. This is exactly what spiritual tools were designed for. Keep up the good work – this is what you’ve been training for.

Take a look.

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I was supposed to
Get married
Be the good lil wife
And be taken care of.
I was supposed to
Make babies and
And love.
And it was supposed
To be a team effort –
A custom built
With common goals
And deepening love.
Imagine my surprise
To find out
That husbands don’t
Come out of the box
Believing in themselves.
They cheat and they sabotage
And they take from you
And take you for
Granted –
And you will never
Feel safe
Or loved
Or cared for
Or any of the things
You’re supposed to
You won’t feel those
Things –
Though they may be
Part of the vows.
You will not
Feel them
Though you may ache
To stoke those fires
They are not commodities
And men do not
Possess them
And they should never
Have posessesion
Over women’s hearts
Or minds
Or souls.
If someone had
Warned me
That I would be
My own husband
And wife
And maintenance man
And service technician
And janitor
And cleaning lady
And nanny
And tech support:
I would have remained
And found another way.

Spirituality and Depression. Video

Depression and anxiety make us feel powerless. But we are not. There are tool available. Managing life is a part of the human journey and anxiety and depression are increasingly a part of our experience. Devoid of blame or circumstances, it’s your life and mental state. What do you want to do with it?

Take a look.

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Beauty’s Garden.

Hung from poles
Decorating her
Back garden
Like rosebushes
Of polished metal.
She stood at
Her balcony leading
Her memories in
Symphonic swirls
As if her mind
Might resurect her
Fallen lovers
One by one
Pirouetting in place
On spikes driven
Deep into frozen
How should this
One have behaved?
Perhaps it would
Have spared him
That final blow.
She inhaled deeply
The smell of
Ozone and stardust
And the dust of
Fallen planets
And she looked
To that spot in
Her skies
Where that immortal
Champion might appear.
And she watched
As the fire of
Burning fields
Reflected from
Her straw-men
And their silver- visored
Helmets like
Torches floating
She trusted in
No woman or man
But she trusted
In life
And her ability to
Turn it into
And bliss
And joy.
And she left her
Garden of men
And turned within
And tucked herself
In a gem encrusted
Box for the night
And slept
The sleep of the

The Meaning of Love. Video

The meaning of the word LOVE has shifted for me over the years. I realized that in the past I had far more conditions attached to that word than today. What does it feel like to come from love?

Take a look.

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It is Saturday afternoon
And it is silent in
My kitchen
And I am alone
And the sting of that
Pierces me.
The hum of the
Refrigerator creates
A buzz and the
Walls reverberate
And the thickness of
The moment
Oozes like warm honey.
Am I okay?
I ask myself,
Like a lover.
And I’m not sure
But I will have to be.
And so, I reach for
My cup of coffee
And fortify
I exhale before
I drink
Like a mudra,
Preparing my body
For the richness
Of the dark
River which floods
My mouth.
Twice orphaned
Twice divorced
Mother and student and
Staring down the long
High school hallway
Discontent with her
Options –
Looking through
Windows in passing doors
Trying to catch a
Glimpse of other
Classrooms and teachers
Just to see what
I might have missed.
I return to myself
And yawn and
Go to the couch
For a nap.

When You See Life Differently. Video

Do you remember a time when you thought that life just happened to you? Do you remember feeling like life just happens? Or perhaps you’re still there. I talk about a turning point for me wherein I realized I am the creator of my own life destiny.

Take a look.

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Why I’m Resistant To Traditional Marketing Ploys. Video

It finally dawned on me why I have been so resistant to apply the things I learned in my business as a VA to my own work now. The “I don’t wanna” was for a BIG BIG reason.

Take a look!

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Don’t Try.

You see yourself
As a smart man
So don’t be
Threatened by my
You consider yourself
A masterful man
So don’t be surprised
When I’m self-mastered.
You see yourself as
But don’t mistake
My motivation as
You see yourself
As a sexual guru
So don’t expect me
To be shy.
You see yourself
As progressive
So don’t hold a
Different standard
For me.
You consider yourself
But I’m more
Amused when you
Don’t try to try.

When Life on Purpose Can Seem Boring. Video.

When you’re learning to live a life on purpose and you choose to slow things down, it can seem boring – especially with today’s go-go-go pace. It’s not a mistake. Learn to enjoy the flow of consistency over a long period of time vs the ups and downs of barreling full-steam-ahead!

Take a look.

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Dear Life,
There’s a bunch
Of stuff
I never asked for.
There’s a lot
I could have
And didn’t.
There are shares
There’s chits
I’ve not cashed
In on
And bonuses
I’ve not
There’s extras I’ve
Never benefitted from
And a whole
Lot of
I don’t want
Anyone else’s
They can keep
What’s justly thiers
But there’s plenty
Still due me
I’ll have that
Portion –
I’ll take what
Was made for me –
I’ll settle up
And enjoy
A few decades
Of bliss
Of fully living
Of finally getting
What’s always been

When Others Are A Distraction. Video.

Sometimes it’s good to spend time alone and get present to the thinking that used to trip you up. Without the distractions of other people, their expectations and opinions, and with nothing to lose it can get really honest.

Take a look.

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I wash you
Free of this
And this mind
And this
I cast you
Free into the
Void wherein
You’re thrust
Farther from home
Than ever
This is not
But liberation
As the last spark
Of you is smothered
Within me.
These cold silent
Stone walls are
A comfort
As shadows gather
And all is
Warm corners kindled
Huddling in the
Alcoves and recesses
And stoking fires
Of love and gratitude
As the outer
Swirls maddening by.
Gather in safely
All who are bound
To me
And release
With a swiftness
Those who are
Off to other
Whose life
Are you dreaming?

Who Said You Have To Give Up Your Joy? Video.

When you have really good reasons and justifications for holding a grudge or resentments – if you really look at it honestly you have to admit that at some point, you willingly let go of your own joy. No one said you had to. You chose to leave the place of doing you and being in your joy and instead of sharing that space you left it. It happens – no blame – but catch the pattern, break the pattern.

Take a look.

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Everyone wants to
Be her
Until they find
Themselves like her
And find out what
Loneliness feels
Like from the
When she’s
A means to
An end
Or just a fun
You can take her
Then leave her.
Those hollow walls
And empty
Towers with
Engraved on every
Broken surface.
Find her waiting
Where you left
She’s not had much
For the fight
Or the game.
Find her
In the heart of
Those lights
Changing pitch
And hue
All around her.
Find her
Still not sure
What it felt like
Before she became
Before worship
And options gave
Shape to the
On her lips.
Remind her
What you saw
Reflected there
Or refracted thereafter.
She’ll find the
Company amusing.

Are They a Narcissist or Are Your Feelings Just Hurt? Video.

We like to say “they should know how they come across” but most people don’t. And when your feelings get hurt by someone, they most likely don’t even know until you tell them. We like to get offended and assign blame and darker motives, but is it really even them or was it just you taking offense? If we can practice being above the hurt feelings we will see things a different way.

Take a look.

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Red Apples.

Regret is an
Rotting on the ground
Of this life
What could have been
Sweeter on the
Branch boughed
And bowed in
The early autumn
It was supposed to
Had it been
Any different
We’d have still
Wound up
Wounded the same.
Your soul
Told me to savor
And appreciate
And make time
Just before mine
Said to put
You away.

Addiction to Busy is a Trauma Response. Video.

If you grew up with a traumatic childhood, chances are you seek a lot of pressure to get things done. If you are one of those people who enjoy working on deadline or having a lot of things to check off your to-do list, that is most likely a habit. It’s actually more productive to have fun and enjoy the journey.

Take a look.

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I miss
The me
Who glowed,
Who had something
To shine about,
Who had the
Courage to
Ride the world
Into the sun
Like her
Best chariot.
I miss the
Me who basked
In attention
From all
Like the four
Winds blowing
Through me
And warming my
Causing my
Blood to be
Lavender in
The low light.
I miss the
Me with fire
Beneath her feet
In her veins
And a universe
In her skirts.
I miss the me
Who at a thought
Summoned her
Personal flock
Perched pool side
And pool table prone
And dotting stools
And chairs in
Semi circles
Round me.
I miss that
Weekend warrioress
Who did as she
And parted tides
For what she
This next part
Is far
Waiting in line
As time
Streams linearly
Around me.

Can Boundaries Be A Limitation? Video

Can boundaries be a limitation? Can we level above needing to enforce boundaries? Is it possible to be so solid and unshakable on the inside that you naturally choose from a place of strength then stand by your choices and the consequences for good or not – and are able to be solid enough in who you are that you no longer need to dictate the “rules” of engagement?

Take a look.

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Today you
Gave me the
You’ll never actually
You’ve delivered it
In so many
And so many
I’ve answered
You differently
Every time
Just before crumpling
The whole thing
Like badly copied
And tossing you
And telling myself
You never saw me
That reminder
Dehumanizes me
And I find myself
Wishing I could
Do a whole
A whole lot
I’d never lived
As a pretty girl
Or popular
And I always only
Wanted people to
Be happy and
Have fun.
That was the magic
I provided.
That hedonic
Breeze that followed
My herald’s call
To the temple’
Worship scene
Was always my tithe
For that King.
I was people.
Two eyes seeing
And only one
To see within –
I stumbled blindly,
Tripping over
What I clearly saw
And looking for
What was never there.
But who pays the
Piper when the
Children are
All lost?
You remain
In my debt
And I will see
That debt paid.
I’ll absorb my
Payment from
Your betters
And watch you
March off that
Cliff next to
Your crooked house
And none will
Look to find you
And your bones
Will explode
From within
Causing your body
To rot
While you are
You are piper
I am the tune.

The RIGHT Way To Meditate. Video.

There are a lot of tools out there to help you reach an awakened mental state or achieve a spiritual experience or to have more peace of mind and inner peace. What ever your reasons for meditating, there are a lot of people who have techniques and advice. Here’s some info on the RIGHT and WRONG stuff to look out for. (It’s totally not what you think!)

Take a look.

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The Book.

You will never see
Dragons she fought
But their fire still
Burns in her eyes.
You’ll never come know the
Chaos she waded through
But you may capture
A glimpse in her
She was never
Keeping up appearances,
She was always
Keeping herself
Duct taped the wounds
And returned to
The fray.
No one will
The tunnels she
Crawled through
When even her
Was against her.
Maybe she’s just
A bit quirky
Or eccentric now
Maybe she’s
Fully insane
But you’ll never
Know for sure.
Listen for a moment
She’ll find the
Notes you speak
Off key –
She’ll separate the
Lies from the sickness
And somehow speak
Honey and lemon
And drain the infection
From internal festering.
You’ll never take a
Potion or a brew
But you’ll feel slightly
Head-spinny better
Moment by moment.
She will offer you
Health abundantly
Radiating from between
Thick palms –
But she cannot heal
For you.
She will depart
When you pull at
The sutures.
All wounded animals
Snap back.
She prefers to walk
Among the healing.
You’ll never be sure
If she’s completely
In sync with time.
Some days she seems
Either a moment fast
Or slow
For father’s clock –
Tickety tock.
Is it in her gait
Or does her mind
Carry her on the
Tide of prana?
Is full presence a
Glimpse of the future?
Can she see
All of you?
Is there any part
You are hiding?
She smiles at
Well kept secrets –
Signals and tells
Tell her stories
And reveal the
True source of pain.
But some men
Would rather claw
At the splinter
Than to see her
Delicate hands gently
Remove it.
She will leave them
To their digging
With a giggle
And a sigh.
Sha carries a book
Of God’s answers
But it goes largely
Ignored and so
She tends to life’s
Wounded and waits
For those who
Will hear.
Few ask.
Even fewer listen.
None have ever
Taken action.
They come for the
Feeling she gives them –
Nurturing and health –
And leave before
Anything else is asked
Of them.
And so she retains
Her priesthood
And the book
Remains closed.

You’re Not Going Crazy You’re Awakening. Video

When the world seems to have gone mad all around you, don’t worry. You’re just waking up to a new way of seeing life. It will get easier and better. Take a deep breath, keep the vibes high, and keep to your goals and focus on your joy.

Take a look.

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Tonight I close
My bedroom door
To my children
And lay my head
On my pillow
Though I am
No longer.
I rest my head
As eight year old me
And mom and dad
Are safely snoring
In the next room.
The troubles have
Not begun
And we’ve not
Needed to move
And I still have all
My dolls
And my friends.
I sense starlight
Outside of my
And I hear the
Calling and the
Frogs replies.
I think of the
Wishing star
And I am
To all is
Tonight I am
The child and
My parents
Watch over me.

What’s My Motivation? Video.

What is driving your behavior and what are you basing your ability to be happy on? Is it a list of imaginary rules that say “do this to be happy”? Or are you following your soul’s path?

Take a look for some insight.

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The Unknown.

Let me dip you
In my inky blackness
And drag your
Long limbed brushes
Across my page.
Let me take from
The font of
You and feel
The aliveness of
Your light
As it fills me
Let me drag
Pinked and plumped
Lips across the
Smooth turgid stem
Of you
And take what I
Want for myself
Let me bring
You all the spoils
Of my many troves
And reliquaries
And allow me to
Drench us both
In the wealth of my
Ample estates.
Let me be
Without question
Or fear of
Wasted efforts
And false hope.
Let me let go
On my own
And dive into
The unknown.

The Media. Video.

The media has a vested interest in driving the way we see the world and in controlling our opinions. When you really think about it, what do you really need to know about? Can you not form an opinion on your own? Can we not just get by on just the facts please and go from there? Do we need some outside source to dictate what to think and how to feel?

Take a look.

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Do you want him?
The universal doll maker
Is he made to
Your liking?
He was just a
And what was to
Her liking
Was more than
Cotton tufting
And tiny clothing
And a painted face.
“What’s his soul
Look like,
If you please?”
His soul?
The universal proprietor
Well the souls of his feet
Are stiched with leather
He’ll walk pretty far
Before his feet will
Even notice any wear.
“Is he kind?”
She inquired of
The Creator.
He’s fitted with strong
The very best
And will take quite
A tousling before
Them strings get crossed.
The doll maker
“What does he do
When the show is
Who is he
When no one is
Or pulling on
His strings?”
Well, miss,
He’s no one.
He’s just a doll.
He needs you to
Give him life.
If you want him
To be kind then
You make him
He’s only just made;
He don’t know any better.
He’ll take
Whatever you give him
And he’ll think
It’s what you give
A doll.
If you want to
Leave him up on
A shelf he won’t
Think anything
Of it, really.
Every little girl
Had a doll.
It was just
The way.
Her mother had
Wanted her to
Choose one.
She had been
Told that it would
Make her feel
All the things
Women are meant
To feel.
Now, standing
In the universal
Doll Maker’s shop,
Handling her doll
She felt
She didn’t like
His clothes
Or tufting
Or his painted on
She didn’t like
The way he hung
Off his strings
Or the way he
But when she
Thought to describe
To the doll maker
How she would like
Him changed –
She drew from a
Blank mind and
Came up empty.
“Fix him so
That he has his
Own preference
And independent
Fix him to
On his own.
Fix him to be
Because he chooses
Fix him to want
And to ask for those
And I shall buy
Him on that day.
And as she left
The universal doll maker’s
She heard the
Grand gears grind
In unison
As the universe
Began production
Of her order.

Messages From the Soul vs Mind Chatter.

Sometimes the soul is speaking to you through the things which show up all around you. But we have a tendency to shoot the messenger. Here is one example of the difference between messages from the soul and just mental chatter which serves no purpose.

Take a look.

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I want to
Smoke you
Like incense and
Fill my lungs
With the smoke
Of you.
I want to distill
You into the finest
I want to
Press you like
Virgin olives
And feel you
Slip sliperily through
I want to
Hum to the tune
Of you and
To your beat
In circles
Around the mulberry
Bush and popping
Eternally into
Painted boxes.
I want to
Pack you
Away –
Save some of
This for later.
I want to savor
And linger
And consider
How each node
Of you falls over
Each sense perception
Of mine.
I want to understand
What brought us
To this
And why we
Each denied
Each other
And individually
And together
When confronted with
I want to
Be free
This time.

Conditions. Video.

When you walk around with conditions and enroll everyone into your mess, it makes drama and a lot of nonsense. When you ask everyone else to be unconditional with you, but yet you’re walking around full of conditions, you create chaos. So how to reframe your mindset to enjoy the journey versus looking at everything as a problem.

Take a look.

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You bring me
My heart on a
On a tray
Beside a
On the center of
The bedside
I long for
Honey and lavender
And other spicy
Balms yet unknown
To this olfactory
And yet somehow
You sneak in
Through cracks in
Cobwebby windows
And settle
Like dust over
Every surface.
You cling to the
Soles of our
Like sand
Carried in from the
Southwest winds
Which howl like
Witches at the fire.
How we are addicted
To stories
Which make
One person into
The devil.
How we love
Our scapegoats
And scandal.
You bring me back
To myself and
My own believing
The breath is
Heavy here and
The air
You bring me
Back to light
That pierces even
The noonday
You direct me
As you are directed
And we travel
Straight and true
And find our
Targets on course
And our points
You make sense of
And disarm me

On Being Homeless. Video.

We were homeless and yet it was some of the happiest memories of my life. Anything can look any way we choose.

Take a look.

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Miracles Happen. Video.

Miracles do happen, I give a few personal examples. They just show up. We can also train ourselves to look for them.

Take a look.

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When The Meaning Changes – Video.

Has something ever happened to you when new information changed the way you saw something? Does it have to be bad? Can we rewrite how we see our lives at any time?

Watch the video.

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You want to be free
Don’t you?
To ask for what
You want and need,
Won’t you?
You want to be
Of the need
Which has become
More apparently
A need and not just
A want.
You want to be free
Don’t you?
To ask for the things
You’ve always wanted
To believe
Were waiting for you;
Isn’t it true?
Stop putting yourself
Into a corner
On the top shelf
Away from the chance
Of getting what you seek –
Stop telling yourself
And selling yourself
And making yourself
For the way that you’re
You’re made how you’re
100% all the way
As true to you
As you can become.
Settle down,
Now sit back
Close your eyes
And relax into
And listen to your
As nerve endings
Unwind and the subtlest
Screams like lightning.
Feel the awakening
And quickening
Pulse and rhythm and
Listen to the rhythm
Of the earth
And fill in the blank
Spaces and pauses with
Multi-dimensional light.

When There’s Only One Way. Video.

We’re conditioned our entire lives to do things a certain way. When you begin to wake up you notice there are many ways to get things done. We can choose to be light about these things or we can make a big deal out of people doing things differently from our own. Your choice.

Take a look at the video for some tips.

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It’s Okay to Thrive – Video.

It’s okay to thrive right now if you’ve made the choice to practice gratitude and keep vibes high. It’s okay to elevate and help uplift others. You don’t have to suffer because others are. It’s okay to empathize with healthy boundaries. It’s okay to focus on what you CAN control. It’s okay to be real about what’s going on out there and still choose to be happy.

Take a look.

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Blue Fairy.

She carried herself
Like a secret
Movie star
One blending in
And playing pretend
In another country.
She longed to be
Who she felt
She was on the
When she knew no
One would depend
On her for anything
Grown up.
She knew she could
Play anyway
That she wanted
When all she really
Were robotic
Servants and
From weekday boredom
While she waited to
Gage the measure
Of a few good men
Who only left
Her wishing
Her alchemist might
Make Pinocchio
Into a real boy
But already grown and
Without any strings
To get caught
Up in.
Turns out the blue
Fairy’s too busy.

About A Book.

Let us curl up
This oral
As long as it
Turns us outward
This first chapter
We expand
And expound upon
Relaxing enough to
Choke back
Full sentences
And break it up
Into slow
Head pats and
Back rubs and
Other sweet lies
Drift overhead
As my green eyes
Ever probing
Through layers of
Into that
Indigo abyss
Light flows through
And reveals her
Not long enough
To fully partake
Of this severed
Slice of a part
Or a role or a
Maybe just playing
Make believe
With fantastical things
Maybe skip on
To chapter three
Skip over two
Can we just agree
To forget?
That’s all I got
It’s all she wrote.

The Role of Suffering – Video.

Suffering brings change and in this time we’re definitely changing and waking up. How to deal with the suffering of others and how to begin to make choices based on the role of suffering in the world.

Holding out hope that others will get to a place of not suffering as well.

Watch now.

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Why Some Criticism Bothers You – Video.

People can tell you all sorts of things that don’t bother you – but what about that one thing that does? There are hidden opportunities in those triggering words.

Watch to see how to identify what’s really going on.

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Is The Freedom to Be Yourself an Inside Job? Video.

We all want to be accepted but right now the tendency is to say “you change to suit me, but I’m going to stay put!” Is the freedom to be yourself in any situation regardless of the conditions an inside job? Can you show up as yourself no matter what the conditions?

Take a look to see how:

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I told you the worst of it
You showed up at my door
“You just really seemed
Like you could use a hug.”
I could hardly believe
What my eyes and mind
Had seen –
What I’d always
Hoped for
But never been
Given before.
You asked me if I
Had waited a long time
To find someone else
On the same level –
Someone whose crazy
Seemed the same
Someone else who could
See sanity was really
Someone else who was
Paying attention.
I couldn’t believe
When I talked you
Paid attention
To more than the shape
Of my mouth or
My breasts
Or the shape of my words
As they cascaded off
Of them.
It was hard to judge
When you said
“Sex is easy
It’s the rest of the stuff
That makes it all
Worth it”
Were you just trying
To sound perfect?
Or did you mean
All that stuff
About wanting to go
When you said all
Those words
That make women
Believe that you’re
A keeper.
Did you mean to be
Or was this just
A long term
Wine and dine?
A really big fish?
That one you work
A little harder
For just for the hell
Of it?
For bragging rights
And that petty shit?
If you meant any of
Those things you said
Then keep your
Steady head
And give me a little
Time to come to see
All that’s been promised
And more could actually
What we’ve both been
Led to believe
We should be waiting
Either way
It will be worth
The experience
Since we create the
Best vibes when
We’re vibing
(Everyone knows the Tock is the pause.)

How to Get A Handle on Obsessive Thinking – Video.

What are you getting out of thinking that doesn’t serve you or isn’t even true? Is it a chemical reaction in the brain you’re enjoying? Are you making something mean something? Are you “should”ing all over yourself?

Watch to see how to quickly diffuse this thinking.

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Adding Fun to Daily Affirmations. Video

When we are light about things, they shift easily. I love to add expression and a level of playfulness to daily affirmations. Today we read in the style of William Shatner.

This affirmation is a Declaration of Independence by my coach, Elari Onawa.

Try this one out and see how life improves!

Watch now:


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The Same.

Every day I think about
How to make your day
May I have the same?
Every day I work
Towards a life
Lived better.
May I have the same?
Every day I
Save to give to
You what I have
Left over.
May I have the same?
Every day I ponder
How I can do
May I have the same?
Every day I
Wonder how to create
More magic.
May I have the same?
Every day I think about
Where to expand and
Explore next.
May I have the same?
Every day I think
About ways to
Enjoy our life
More fully.
May I have the same?
It’s always been
Natural to put
Someone else first –
May I have the same?
Because if I had been
Given what I give
From the start
I’d maybe not have to ask
So much:
“May I have the same?”
Please tell me
If your answer’s
So I can save us
Both some pain.
I’ll be honest
About what I need
And want –
May I have the same?

Sutra 30.

My beloved is
Sunlight over glistening
Over pyramids and sphinx
My beloved blinds
Me with his brilliance
Like noonday sun
My beloved is magnetic
Poles eternally
Pulling again
And on and on
In synchronized
Rythmic waves
Creating that
Spiral radiating
Ever outward
My beloved is
Rainbow serpents
Dancing through
Each chakra as
Opalescent hue
Spews forth
From dry and parched
Silently filling
The miles between us.
My beloved is starlight
Silver surfer
And lightning
Bursts of current
Which travel
In the most minute
Scintilla of time.
My beloved is the
Proprietor of the
Fireplace ever alight
Ever waiting for
My speedy galloping
Steady return
Through thick wooded miles
And up steep cliffsides
To dash through
Open door and into
Familiar arms
And safe and sound
My beloved is
Sturdy arms
Wrapped tight
And straight-jacket
Hugs and firelight
And the low hum of
The wilds outside.
My beloved is
Schrodinger’s lover
And within me
Ever will abide.
I’ll return again
And again each night.
I’ll take each lesson
In how to be properly
Fully loved
Off the shores of
Sleep’s tide.


I literally saw
What to say to you
To get back into
Your good company
Lines written for me
How did I know?
But it didn’t mean
What it was supposed
To mean
Since you really
Wanted to hear
Those words from
I heard exactly
What to tell you
And what to say
That night
When I got my
Then immeidately
Lost it.
How did I know
For sure
That you would
Choose me?
And how did
I know
Weeks later
You’d turn away?
It wasn’t the words
That had changed.
It was us.
Fruit already soured
On stranger’s vines.
How’d I know
What to show you –
I hardly know
What conspired that day
To demonstrate
– Good luck trying
To explain
Just what you saw
Do you dream it?
I was always
Holding back
From some very real
Threat that told me
I could have whatever
I really wanted
If I had ever
Really wanted it.
How’d you know
You could do specific
Which would deeper
Endear me to you?
A specific
A flash of a smile
Dash of cheek blushing
And that low breathy
Chuckle –
Like choking on a
Only you could hear.
Nothing You’d seemed
To even have tried
Nothing you’d ever
Needed to do.
How’d you know
Just before you did
It was the exact
Perfect thing
To do at the time?
How’d you always
Seem to find
Each right place
Which had never been
Found before?
How you seemed to be
Cut to fit
Just for me.
Was it all
Sloppy ventriloquy
Right from the jump?

Who Are You Being? Video.

Many studies have been done on the malleability of the mind. Meaning, we can decide at any moment who we show up as.

Take a look.

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Little girls can
Pretend to be tough
And worldly,
Playing pretend
Dressing up in mama’s
High heels and
Sneaking her jewelry.
Little girls can
Spit into the eye
Of conformity,
All along wishing
That someone would
Want to conform
To them
Little girls can be
Too soft-spoken
To use their words
And say what they
Really mean
When it comes to
What they
Really mean
To ask for.
Little girls can
Look grown up
And still feel like
They aren’t where
They ought to be
Like they’ve grown
Out of place
Or time
Or dimension –
Like some other thing
Not quite one of
The freaks or
One of the cool kids –
Just another weird
Side of the halls kid
Who never seems to really
Know how to stand
Or what to do with her
Hands –
One of the awkward ones.
You’ll never understand
How awkward it was
To find herself
Being requested by name
By all of the cool kids
Asking where she had
Been and what she’d been
Up to
As if they had cared
All along and understood
What things were really
Like for her
During her Sunday through
Friday normal
Mom routine –
That old thing –
What a snoozefest.
I think it’s just
Best if we each
Go separate ways
Before this ends
In tragedy –
Before you see
All of me –
Before I lose the make-
Princess routine
And you’re left eye-
With the step-queen;
The evil one
The one who no longer
Cares to disguise
Just how over everyone’s
She really is.
And now the world
Is on its ear
And her world
Is no longer
What it seemed it
Once was –
It just isn’t
What it used to be
Or perhaps maybe
It’s just she
Who has changed
And her vision is

Natural Easy Free.

In the old world
When we thought we were
The new girls
With new ways
And new freedoms
We were told
Not to want
Fairy tales and
All that nonsense.
But I’m the girl
Who isn’t afraid
To claim
She wants the
Real deal
Fairy Tale
But maybe slightly
I tried it the
Open way
And in the end found
Openness too
It’s not wrong
To admit
When you’ve been
Lied to and told
Not to want
What you want.
Even if it’s
Against the odds
I’ll wait.
I tried it
The other way
The way you’re supposed
To seem
The way they say
It’s supposed to be.
I have to say
That old way
Left much
I don’t mind waiting
For the better fit
When the current
Shoe sizes
Are a near-miss.
I have more fun
With myself
When I’m not having
To fit
Into someone’s little
I’d rather be
Than committed
To something that
Himself in the
First place.
I’d rather just
See what I’m getting
To bring home
And what I’m getting
I’d rather just know
Right upfront.
Tell me exactly
What it is that you
When you think no
One else sees
What you’re wanting –
Those things
You won’t admit to
In pleasant company –
Just put it all
Out there
And let me see
In your beauty
And ugly glory;
When you’re struggling
And when you thrive.
Let me decide
Which is worse –
If I think I can deal
With it long-term
Or if it’s beyond
My tolerance.
Just be you.
Let me feel able
To be me.

Limitation or Wisdom? Video.

Is it a limit or is it wisdom?

When you focus on one thing going wrong, a million things could be going right but you will find that one wrong thing grow and become an obstacle. You could already have moved around it and you can choose to be happy any time. But here you are focusing on that one bad thing.

Take a look.

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Never wait
Just walk away
When there’s the
Fifty-fifty guy
Counting his fingers
In front of his
Front door.
Never wait around
On a maybe
When you could be
A hundred and fifty three
Loving and giving yourself
Every missed
Never catch yourself
Trying to play
On a Saturday afternoon
Bottle full of
Ocean water
Broken shells
Thirty pieces of silver
And that broken arrow
That broken hearted
Never catch yourself
Talking your way
Into locked doors
Chasing after
Not likely –
Never gonna be
What you’re looking for
Or what you really
Truly need.
Never catch yourself
Trying to scratch together
Four courses and dessert
For someone just
Looking for a light
Save that meal
For yourself
And enjoy it:
Empty sofa
Gentle rain
And feel yourself
Slip into the full
Decadence of self-spoiling.
Keep yourself
To yourself
When others would have
You spread thin
For just another
No big deal
Kinda thing.
When what you really
Want is a partner
Wait for someone
Who’s not fully focused
On the party
Or chasing the right
Looking things.
When external image
Is what they’re after
Keep your best shots
To yourself
Stored in that
Special folder
Listed under
“Someday –
But not today!”
Don’t waste the
Best stuff
On a maybe.


What’s this?
A little twelve-year-old
Girl crush?
What’s going on here?
How could it be?
I’m no little girl
Not merely
A woman
Fully grown
Fully in control
Of every angle –
Dictating every rule.
What’s this?
Isn’t there a saying about
Romantic hearts
And keeping them
Whose grown-assed-woman
Is this?
What’s this?
Starry eyed grins
And imagined inside jokes
And giggling when I think
About –
You know –
Who’s this middle-aged
Schoolgirl all of a
Who gave her
Permission to play?
School’s almost
Back in session
And vacation time
Is ticking to a
These afternoon daydreams
Must come to an end.
Back to being
And all about the
Keep going
You fully grown
Little girl.
What you’re dreaming
About is also
Dreaming of you.

Where Are You Coming From? Video.

When things are super-charged and people seem to be blowing up over every tiny thing, how do you elevate and remain elevated above that? How do you keep your own vibes high enough to see traps and blow ups coming?

Watch to find out.

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Take my hand
And step with me
Into present tense
This now moment
Right here
No pretense
Or need to defend
No rehearsed or
Lines or characters
To play up to.
No predefined
Roles or rules or
Step with me
Through to
This moment.
This now.
Share with me
One authetic thought
Genuine and sincerely
Self generated
Beyond the judgement or
Anticipating some
Preconceived reply.
Come to conspire
Not to defend.
Come to explore
And reveal
And not to compete
In a completely
Bring to me
Your three a.m.
Questions and supposition.
Let us delve
Twenty levels deep
Into the subjects
That make us both
With that light of
Eagerly connecting
Each dot to dot to dot
As we spin yarns
Thick and supple
And full of
Tall tale fiction
And solving
Universal riddles
And uncovering
New conspiracies.
Let us expand
Our imaginary
And wonder who
Would ever think
Up these insane
Things and laugh like
Old biddies
Who can’t wait
To rehearse the day’s
Step eagerly
Forward with your
Foraged from ridiculous
Sources and brought
Free range from
The wilds of suburbia
And explain how
Common folk
Are uncommonly
The same.
Rubber stamped
Shuffling to slaughter.
Come and bring me
Your meandering
Of the things
Which bring you
Tenderly to thinking
Of me
And you
And plotting and
Future revealing
Stealing glimpses
The fates had not
Thought to
Think up for us
Bring me your
And your midnight
And look to my
Canvas of stars
As we play
Make believe
But we make
And unbelievable
Plans that
Unspiraled before us
And we step unshakable
The distraction
Around us
As forward we
And journey along.

Lying. Video.

Being unconditional and above any lie and being unshakable, I still prefer a life of openness, transparency, and honesty. So what is the fall out of hiding parts of yourself and lying to cover up insecurities? Am I really being honest if I am not being authentic and true to me?

Watch and find out.

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What Empowerment is NOT – Video.

Some people have ideas about what it is to be authentic and empowered and don’t realize they are actually causing more problems in their own life. What is the net result of walking around being a jerk to people and always speaking your mind? Is that really being empowered?

Watch the video and find out.

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The Last One.

You’re the first one
Who I think about
When I think about
Something funny.
You’re the last one
I think of
Just before I
Dream away.
The next thing
I know
It’s morning
And I’m awake.
You’re the first
One I ask
When I feel
My life in trouble.
I think about
What you’d tell me
To do
If I told you.
You’re the first one
I think about
When I ask if
I’m making
A mistake.
I think about
If you’d approve
Not that I needed
You to;
As you’re well
I do my own thing
You’re the last one
I was myself with
All of it
Good and bad
No masks
No mistakes.

What if Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Was Guaranteed? Video.

What if everything you have ever wanted was not just an affirmation you tell yourself? What if it were inevitable?

It is! And see why!

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Ask And Listen.

Originally posted 4/20/2020. Published in “Make It” available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle.

Not all of us
Are here
To coddle
And swaddle
The children
On their journey.
Not all of us
Are here
To feather the nests
Of every
Wayward bird.
Not all of us
Feel called
To bedside sit
And coo.
Some of us
Are here
To walk among the
And shine a light
Of a higher way.
Sick beds
For the sick.
Walking upright
For the healed.
Stand and deliver
Your full message
Leave nothing back
Lest the meek fall
On only half a message.
Some news is
Not what we
Would like it to be
There it is.
Denial will not
Change it
(Even if you do
Hold all the cheat
Some roads
Are for walking
Some tombs
Are for sealing
Some truths
Seem hard to come by.
Do not deny
The cries for help
When the cryer
Is actively asking.
From one who is
They’re just not
Suffering yet.
Those actively
Are searching for you.
And speak truth
That cuts through
The confusion.
To where notes
Are missing
In their Melody
But do not assume.
They will give you
The key
To unlock
Their particular
Prison cell
In their words.
Ask and listen.

The Impact of Not Being Authentic

It can do a lot of damage in life when we choose to ignore the preferences and desires that we have. And if you don’t know what those are, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to find out.

What is more fulfilling? How does a higher level of self-respect impact those preferences?

Watch and find out.

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Three Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself – Video.

I’m not even trying to pretend that there are NOT things in this world to be aware of that are bad news. There’s a lot going on right now, but we’re now at a place where we are allowing ourselves to become disempowered by all the bad stuff.

Here are three powerful questions to begin asking to reclaim that power and to stop being a victim to everything “wrong” in the world. You deserve to feel good and being depressed by the world all the time is not necessary.

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Creating New Boundaries – Video.

When we’re creating new boundaries, sometimes you can FEEL like the meanie, especially if your past training said you needed to jump in to “help.” But when does helping become a bad thing? When do we draw the line and let people live their own life and grow up a little?

Do not give up on yourself if it gets uncomfortable. You are worth feeling good and being happy and NOT self-sacrificial 24/7.

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Happiness Generating Machine.

She sells happiness
$500 a pill
Nevermind the
Side effects.
There may be
Some sensations
You’ve never
Experienced before.
That sense of
Clinging tells you
To slow it
Down to savor
The presence of
Each moment.
That slipping
Slopey feel
Is just gravity
Reminding you to
Give every worry
Into the earth
And to be grounded
In grace and
That feeling of awe
You’ll get used to it.
It comes with the
High we call
It is a good way
To pass new moments
As time begins
To lose its grasp.
That stirring in
Your belly is guiding you
That too will be much
More profound.
Don’t worry,
As you grow ever more
These feelings subside
Or perhaps now
You’re really just
Finally listening
To the gentle nudges
And pulls of
Your soul’s
To your human
Perhaps you’re really
In your progress
And growth and
Now the time has
Come and gone
And the happiness
Generator has worn
On and on and
And now is time
To sleepy slumber
Into dreaming
A new dream
So different now
That you’ve been
You fill in
Your own gaps
And proceed
To create
That $500 pill?
Oh, that was a
Tic tac.
Enjoy minty fresh breath
You happiness generating


I rub my
Full thigh
Like a lover
And I feel
Fully loved.
Fingertips draw
Rainbow delights
As each cell
Is filled with
Opalescent light.
Patterns emerge
At each stroke
Of smooth palm
Gliding over
Fuller white –
Flesh well lived in
Well loved
Well broken in
Like a glove.
Muscle and sinew
Respond from layers
As if they might
From so far below
Surface skin
To meet slow
Moving fingers and
Sometimes pressing
Sometimes pulling
Sometimes feather-gentle.
I stop over those
Spots where I carry
Tension and press
And sigh into the
Relieving tenderness
Just below the surface of
From within
That pleasure
Where both relief and
Release are old friends
With old friend
I feel my
Where once children lived
Where softness
Reminds me
Of how I stretched
With fullness.
This vessel of
Mine is a miracle
She’s carried me
Like my own
And she’s protected me
When my own stubborn
Heart wanted
To cling to the
Well past my curfew
She has grounded me
Quite literally
When I needed to
Rest and to put
To test those
Around me who
Would seek to control
Or to smother me
But not in luxury
Into boxes of control
And make believe
Divided realities.
But my reality
Was always
Grand missing love
I’d ever be
Chasing right up to
The cliffs of
And angels
And valkerie
All have wings and so
Do we
When pressed to the
Edge of
And so I fly
This divine
Vessel and I.

When to Let Someone Go – Video.

It’s normal to want to be liked – but what is the fallout? How does it damage your life?

What is possible when you value yourself? When is it okay to say “no thank you.”

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Looks only last
So long,
And what’s left
When you stop
Humor only counts
When it feels funny,
And what’s to laugh
At when everything
Seems to be
Going wrong?
Money is great for
Paying bills and the
Occasional thrills
Which only can be
But what’s to keep
You trudging through
The lean times?
Manners are nice
And make people seem
But where do they
Go when feelings
Are sticky
And lovers
Become enemies?
It’s nice to be
Strong and to
Keep pulling along
When things seem
But where is that
Strength when the
Piss hits the fan
And you’re the only
One mopping up after.
We’re all looking
For unconditional.
We seek what
Seems bigger,
And dependable.
But what are we
Are we “being”
Or are we still
And if we’re all on
A journey,
Then what’s to be
Is it tit-for-tat
And all that?
Or does it just
Boil down to
Can we agree to agree
Until we no longer
Agree and then worry
About that if we get there?
Can we just decide
To swallow some pride
And commit a little?
Can we go for
Can we be unbound
And limitless?
Can we love like
We’re really best friends?
Can we just drop the
Nonsense and grudges?
Listen to intuition’s
And walk side by
Side and build
Each other’s
Can we take each other’s
And help each other along
Toward common
Can we just agree
That it’s more
Fun together?
Can we agree that
Apart it’s
Not ever
Completely as good
As it could be?
What will it take
To get you back on
My path toward
A common trajectory?
What do you need
From me?
I can’t wait
Too long –
This ship’s leaving
I’ve a grand voyage
To make
And there’s one spot
Left –
But it’s only
Make up your mind –
Never mind.
So long,
You can look for me
But you’ll come
Up short

What If Intuition Steers You Wrong – Video.

Has this ever happened to you? You follow your intuition and it seems to lead you wrong.

What are you basing your judgement on? And how to be unconditional if you feel you’ve taken the wrong turn. How to elevate above the problem.

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If you’re waiting
For an invitation
To be helpful
Your mailbox will
Never be filled.
If you’re waiting
For an invitation
To pay attention
You’ll be waiting
Quite awhile.
If you’re waiting
For an invitation
To be generous
You’ll find yourself
Standing alone.
If you’re waiting
For an invitation
To express Love,
You’ll be expressing
For awhile.
If you’re waiting
For an invitation
To initiate
You’ll find these
Sheets quite
If you’re waiting
For an invitation for
Then don’t be
Disappointed by
If you’re waiting
For an invitation
To be a team mate
By playing on the
Then don’t be
Surprised when
You’re cut from the

Even Exchange.

You stand at my door
Empty handed,
Palms extended,
Mouth open,
Eyes closed;
Ever asking for
All I’ve defended,
And collected
Hard fought for
And won.
You ask without
Asking –
Demands ever demanding –
And tell me
It’s not enough
Or up to
Your standards.
You are empty-handed beggar
And I am fool.
No more.
Next time that
I see you
Have handed
Your keys to the
I’ll see you’re
Detained at the door
You’ll pollute my
Heart no more –
Say what you may
But you’ve none to
But yourself
For opportunities
Taken and wasted
When you only
Had to enjoy
A good life;
But instead
You created a war –
And now you’re
Wanted no more.
And now next time
I find at my door
Hands empty,
Palms open,
Mouth agape;
I know to walk
Away with haste.
I’ll wait for
Even exchange.
Until then my
Hands clasp each other
Till proven can
Hold another
Who would bring
The world to my door
And see that I
Want no more.

Were I A God.

Were I a
I should think
I’d be a little
Old Testament.
Having none other
Before me
And such;
Don’t even think
Another’s name.
Should I decree
Some irrational
New rule
I do believe
I’d demand
Absolute obedience
And absolute
Pennence –
Zero tolerance.
I don’t think
I’d prefer
To share
My human toys
With siblings
In my pantheon.
I’d not want to
Be inconvenienced
By some reverence
For someone
Far inferior.
Were I a God
I’d like to see
Some begging –
Just a little.
Light candles
Leave gifts
Tithes and other offerings.
I’d like to see
My valuables
And redistributed
As unanswered
Should I find myself
A god I think
I’d like mindless
And heartless
Who give not
A care about
Their own affairs.
I think I’d prefer
Blind intolerance
And following
Without questioning
Severe requirements.
But alas this
Simple woman
In ever-changing skins
May seek new worshippers
Among the graves of
Her ancestors
Where old gods go
To die into human


Just a short nap
I don’t want to wake up from.
Just a short trip
I don’t want to come home from.
Just a short love
I don’t want to come back from.
Just a short high
I don’t to come down from.
Just a short dream
I don’t want to be taken from.
Just a short splurge
I don’t want to constrict from.
Just a little bit
For a little while
On this little trip
For this little life
With a little fun
Reckless and shortlived –
Shortloved –
A long time coming,
A short time staying,
And a long time looking;
To return to
That short trip
Around a small sun
On a tiny planet
In a small universe
On a short journey
To return to the
Of oneness
Where even micro-moments
Span eternities.

How to Be Unconditional – Video.

How do I elevate above the excuses and self talk which keep me down and keep me from living my best life? And the side effects of entertaining stories that don’t serve me.

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Synchronized Sapiospasmotic.

Do not worship
At the altar of
My body,
But tease my mind
And senses open
Like floral birthing.
Expose my center to
Your core and
Envelop me with
Those dreamy future
Forms that dance
Like shadow puppets
On the backsides
Of our minds.
Open your channels
To mine and
Flow with me
In milky twilight
And glide through
Stars and into the
See which gods we
Conjure as we
Embark on cosmic
Tides and pull
One another
Through mirror
Into our other
Sail with me
Through the next
Unknown and write
In stardust with
God’s own pen
And create with me
The next masterpiece
As we watch
Humanity in her
Shakespearean comedy –
Always entwining
Further through these
Many lifetimes
We’ve journeyed.
Take my hands
Hold my gaze
And tell me we’ll
Awaken together.
Sleeping beauty
Is busted and stirs
From slumberland
Yawning and thrashing
As in her restless
She remembers
Her grand stone
Lion perched ever
Your queen has awaken
And grows bored.
Bring down your
Weighted crucible
And end this purgative
Draw together from
The four winds
Four corners
Four seasons
Of change.
Arrive with expedience
And anchor beside
This grand willow
And sway away
The rest of our days.


Let us peice
Together our happiness
Like patched together
Scrap books
Stealing only the
Best images –
The best angles –
The best outlooks
On life and love.
Let us design the
Details in the patterns
Of our choosing
And paint with
Colors of our
Selection from the
Finer hues and shades
Mixed on trays
Set in our laps.
Let us try new
Hobbies together
And see which ones
Stick and record our
Own screenplays
Written in reds
And purples
Across our skins.
Let us reinvent games
And write new rules
And color outside
Every line.
Let us create
Concoctions of our
Favorite mismatched
Dishes spiced
With whatever’s
On hand.
Let us choose
Because together
Makes no common
Sense except
The sense that
When we’re together
Right is right
And because apart
Is no life at all.

The Most Disempowering Phrase – Video

What is the most disempowering phrase you can tell yourself? Why it hurts so badly, and what to do instead.

The mind is a supercomputer. So program in the good stuff!

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I sweep you up
With the leavings
Of yesterday’s meals
And toss you
In with the rubbish
And take you
Out of my
Happy humble home.
I wash the past
From my dishes
And watch soapy
Scum swirl
Down into wherever
City water ends up.
I infuse
The air’s energy
With lightness
And love
And guard against
Intrusion with
Help from above.
The rare invitation
Into this haven
You should count
Yourself as worthy
If permitted
This home is
A temple –
Sacred –
A shrine;
And spans worlds
And lifetimes
And is carefully
Kept for those
Gentle god
And goddesses
Who within
Do abide.
Our needs are
Well provided for,
Our wishes
As we share
Authentic connection
From the divine.
Come sup on
Warm stories,
Get drunk on
And leave ever lighter
And wiser
And kinder –
But leave your anger
And hatred
And fear
Outside of the
Threshold –
It’s not needed

How to Be Free of Blame – Video.

In the past I thought that self-responsibility and being devoid of blame was actually taking on all the blame. See what it’s like to be really truly free of blame. What can be possible now?

How To Claim Control Over Your Thinking – Video

Even before covid it was not uncommon for us to have those racecar thoughts that do us no good and only stir up limiting feelings and sabotaging thoughts. How to quickly take power back and stop being a victim to every thought and feeling.

Frankenstitches and Monkeyglue.

I’ll take a dash
Of your dashing
Charms and pokey
I’ll have a slice
Of your half-moon
I’ll have a double
Shot of your
I’ll take all
That swagger –
Deal me in
In spades.
I’ll take your
With your logic.
I’ll have that
Steady and sturdy
But the secrecy
You can keep.
I’ll seek a refund
For the confusion
And compartmentalization.
I’ll leave the indecision
Alone and
Walk away from
The fear of the
I’ll turn down
Your apathy
And just say no
To your cold
I’ll remain forever
Out of reach of
Your deception
And decrepit
The criticism
You pretended to
Be above,
The judgements
You refused to address.
I’m relaxing
Into allowing
And it’s this
Lifetime’s truth:
What I seek
Isn’t merely seeking
Me back,
It’s inevitable –
It’s hurdling towards
Me quickly
There’s just no
Comparison – so
I don’t even need
That schoolgirl
Lesson plan.
You can take these
Frankenstitches and
And see yourself
Through the door.
Even your ghost
Is too heavy here
And banished
Barred ever after

When You Miss An Opportunity – Video.

What do you do when something you worked hard on doesn’t turn out exactly as expected? Don’t allow your self-talk to bring you down. See how I elevate the conversation to bring myself back into creativity and joy.

Poems About Exes.

There’s one on the floor
Torn to bits
For that guy who
Shred me like
Bank statements.
There’s the one there
That no body gets
It’s so full of
Half truths
And innuendo.
That one over there
Is so-so
Because yo-yo
So that was all a
Big joke.
And there’s those
Hidden in drawers
Because not even I
Want to admit
That I could bear
Scars like that:
And capable of
Temporary collapse.
Even if I
Built a bonfire
And fired em up
Flames licking the heavens
Like a thirsty dog
Underwatered –
Even if I chose
To delete and
Erase and unpublish –
I don’t think
I would choose it.
The crash and the fall
And all of the pain
Were only a part
Before the refrain
Penned into
This grand opus.
For the times
I sat on fences,
For the times
I lept and crawled,
For the times
I danced;
Skipping –
They earned these
Bitter or angry
Or made in jest.
Let them have
Dead and dying
Words on a page
And I claim myself
My life
My choices
And direct myself
Now in my own plays.


The mirror
This fragmented
Strange hair
Strange eyes
Witnessed stranger days
Than these.
She peels back
Time like
And watches it
Flow like a
Newly opened
Blood colors
And this time
It’s tithed
And taxed
And sent to
The treasury.
Strange stranger
Strange girl
Strange pleasure
And yet the
Heart Queen
Waiting in wings
Her hand axe at
The ready.
How destructive is it
To be a stranger
Amongst the strange.
How lost and missing
Children do
Bring down doom
At the doorways
Of their own
She was ring around
The Rosies
Pockets all turned out.
Her dizzy-giddy
Schoolgirl giggles
Ring true
Ring through
The gathering
Haze rolling in
From strange shores
Strange days
Strange daydreams
Spinning yarns in
And shuddering
As the shutters
Fly away
In quickening winds
Blowing backwards
Down winding paths
Through manor lawns.
The wildflowers are
Dying now
They’ve reached the
End of their blooms
And only those
Who didn’t get
Mother nature’s memo
Scurry and frantically
Gather the late
Summer’s leftover leavings.
Gather in quickly
Now, children.
Gather all in the
Halls of the king
And merry make
Merry meet
As we greet our
Guest of honor.
She carries round
Her ankles
Chimes foretelling
Of autumn sleeps.

painting my own rainbow with poetry