for linda.

Posted on DECEMBER 6, 2014

You came to me-
Thunder and lightning-
Waking me from
My self-imposed slumber.
Placed in my
Muddied and broken arms,
Heaven’s dew still dripping
From your perfect form,
I watched your sweet face
In your choosing
To grab hold of life.

I watched you
Drawing delicious new breath
To stay,
Choosing me
To teach me
Little wise soul,
About love
And living
And being.

I watched your light
As you nursed,
Each greedy sip
Our eternal cov’nent
To create in each other
The perfection in you
The worst of me.

I watched you slumber
Your old soul
For a life
Bigger than your
Tiny perfect heart might hold.
You cried
To have all of me
More than I thought could give-
Worn and broken as I was.

You clung to me
Like sunrise
Like dew
Like the wind
Cling to mother-earth.
You begged me
To be more
Than my current circumstances
Told me I could ever be.
Your newness
Trusted me
By my flaws
And pain.
You saw me
Right through
The me I saw in your eyes
Reflected back.

You communed with
My weary soul,
Showing me who I
Would become
For you:
Giving you my all and then some.
You shattered my illusions of:
Reacting to every imagined threat-
My ghosts-
Silent mirages.

You told me who I would be:
And loved.
You saw in me
The Goddess I had missed before:
Hiding in shadows,
Dwelling within,
And now demanding exit
From this shabby cocoon.
I renewed my childhood promise:
Protect you,
Prepare you,
For the giant life
You are entitled to.

For just a little while-
A short trip-
In the eternal scheme
Of life
Until on giant feathery wings
You will fly
Free to be
The woman
The priestess
The queen
You truly are.



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