Assed-Out in Encinitas

Published DECEMBER 1, 2014

I love you.
But I don’t want to
I don’t know how to
Make it stop-
Make it stop.
Flip me around,
Inside out.
I sold myself
Like smoke in a bottle,
Like rain in a puddle.

Fill me up
then leave me
Emptier still,
When your california living
With your california girl
Kicked up by 4×4 tires
Like mud and sunshine
All over my face.

Ramble on Gypsy
Roll away.

Pampered rich girl
Living in her temporary box
Living like she means it
Loving like she’ll lose it
Bringing you around
And around
And around
Until on your knees begging
You ramble back
To that big old southern home
With a fuck – you sign
Tattooed on your forehead.

Eyes ramblin,
Rollin from the past,
Bringing up
Murky muddied fragments
Of loss
And pain
And broken pacts-
You will never risk making again.

Everyone is fighting over
Scraps of love
Like leaves-
The ones falling from southern trees
(Not like this evergreen shit
Or the warm warm california
Always green).

This dog is
Fighting over the scraps
Of your life half-lived.

“Not that into you”
Rolling over
And over
Every song on the radio
Brings me
One tear closer
To the truth.

Beaten and bruised,
And left at this bar-
Filling your ego
Like this broken cup
Half – Empty.
Lying on this wooden floor,
Busted planks,
Busted love,
Grooving me
Back and
And back again –
To my life,
Trying to build an empty future
From paper lanterns
All stacked
In my corner
Stacked up
Against me.



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