For Ella

Published DECEMBER 7, 2014

Your face
The face of God.
Your eyes
The eyes of God,
Reflecting back
The twists and turns,
The unfollowed paths,
The unfulfilled promises
To myself made
To you.

Seeing every crack
Made into monumental
The grand hopes I
Held for me-
For you-
Sweet Goddess
Seeing where I
Over my own
Worn and tired
Picking a pathway
Through sand
And field
And wooded acre,
Floating in clouds
Of hope,
Drifting on seas
Of foam,
And falling
Followed you down
To earth’s
Stoney path.

I try to
Sweep away
The briars and thorns
In your path,
Infant Goddess,
So your way will be softer-
Unswayed by
My dragged
And faltering

You will choose
Your own way
Through brambles
And boulders
And broken trees,
Like dreams,
Hiding in the underbrush
Waiting to ensnare you.
You will stumble.
You will fall.
You will dream,
And wake to
A different
Sort of TODAY.
And like a great winged
Burning to see
You rise again,
I will raise you-
Lift you
In beak or claw.
I will lift you
Of your self-made
And ravines
And murky

Sweet Goddess,
Fallen angel,
I will lift you
Across time and tide
Delivering you
To warm
Feathered nest
Where angels
And serpents
And downy chicks
Prepare for you
Your dream home
On Earth .

Your own child,
Born to me
But never my own,
Your own woman
Entrusted to me
By love
And creation
And all the
Magicks of these many worlds,
Your own Goddess
In Embryo
Entrusted to my
And improper care.

We’ll stumble together
Dear child,
We’ll fall together
Remarkable woman,
We’ll climb together
Sweet Goddess,
And never will you
Find yourself
All alone.



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