Published DECEMBER 4, 2014

We journeyed for miles
And miles,
Drinking in God’s beauty
From mountain
And sea.
We stopped,
Stealing images-
Insignificant reproductions-
Trying to capture so much Grace
And love
And movement,
Barely able to contain
The grandeur of
What our eyes beheld,
What our hearts breathed in,
What our bodies experienced.
Stoney leviathans
Culled by time and tide:
What ancient stories
Could they tell?
What sonnets of
Of love or woe?
Without words
To rhyme
Or make verse,
What archaic songs
Could they sing
To the cadence of
Water-crashed cliffs
And windswept banks?

Steel and asphalt
Cutting swathes into
Mother/Father God’s
Leaving behind a dowry of
Human waste
And mindless clatter.
We stood overlooking
Stone and sea,
Silently praying
To whomever would answer
To preserve the inheritance
Of titans and demi-gods
For our progeny
Who may yet never behold
The magnificence of
Gaia’s bounty.

Grand giants loomed over us-
Hoary warriors of leaf and bark-
Singing to us ancient melodies
Carried on the wind
Only heard by birds and other winged creatures.
Listen with ears to hear
And partake of their battle hymns.
March with them
And on
And ever on
To the future
Of whispered promises
And half-dreamt dreams.

I fell in love
And love
And love again-
With you and me and us
In our stillness
As we witnessed
Earth in grand rotation,
Sunbathing her blues and greens
And gentle browns.
I died in that love,
Dashed on elder rocks
Thrashed in thorny seas
Plummeted into the womb of mother earth
Drowned like some magnificent treasure
Of pirates and brigands and cutthroats
Till one day-
Slumbering in her cold enfoldment-
Might wake
As siren
Or undine
To lure you into my spell once more.



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