Published NOVEMBER 2, 2014

Unpeel me.
Zip me free from my silky cacoon.
Allow the sunshine to kiss newborn skin
Raised by gentle breezes moving across
Milky flesh.

Undo me.
While my soul pours like honey
And absinthe
To fill the cracks
That span the earth
Between us.

Unmake me.
Pull on my stitches-
Tug them-
Until flesh tumbles to ashes,
Until I break apart,
Like glass
Or seashells
Crunched underfoot.

Unlight me.
Blow me out
Until cold and droopy
My wick freezes into place
Like a dancer
Poised to begin
Her lovemaking on darkened stage.

Open me.
Fill me
As pinks and blues
Merge onto opalescent hue
Rolling and writhing
Hanging on the air.
Essence merges
Until two are one.

Blow me.
Scatter my wispy remains
On the eastern winds
Back to my home
Where I will settle amongst the trees
And ferns
And moss
And there slumber in Mother’s care.

Remake me.
A goddess
A siren
A mermaid
A dove.
Freedom-kissed form
Rising from the earth
A creation of fairy-tale and tragedy

Plant me in the earth, that I may remain rooted
Lock me away inside myself, that I may remain separate.
Build muscle and sinew, that I may stand strong in my spaces.
Barb me that I may defend.
Enrich me that I may be worthwhile.
Comfort me that I may be soft.
Protect me that I may be vulnerable.
Allow me and I will be yours.
Blow me on a kiss so I may be free.



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