My Rules For The Game Of Life

Published February 2, 2015

I shed you like so many dried out leaves
Broken pieces of my soul
You scattered off
Blown away by the wind
Carried in a million different directions
The empty shell of my life
Left pretending to live here
Walking on
Inside someone else’s footsteps
Like a child walking through tracks in the snow.
Trudging through yesterday’s
And yesterdays
And yesterdays
Because we forgot to imagine what today could be.
What if we threw away yesterday.
Jumped back into our skin
Took control
Threw away broken pieces
Tore up dried up leaves
Crumpled the sticks and stones and
And created our own way of being.
What if we looked upward and downward
And created our own view of Heaven
Spinning in control in front of our eyes
Dancing before us
Like a top
A ballerina
From my broken music box
The old silk lining long faded and ripped away.
What if we dared to step out
Into traffic noisily
Going this way and that way and crashing into forever
Cosmic bumpercars.
It’s all a game anyway!
Put in 3 tokens!
Pull the lever!
I think I’ll win this time.
Maybe I’ll win every time!
I’ll claim it. It’s mine!
Until forever and ever and ever.
Until I forget how to lose.
That’s what we’re here for.
Remembering the game.
Re-writing the rules
Re-claiming them as we go.
Upward and upward we climb as we journey closer to ourselves
Farther from our parents
Nearer to god and everyone else.
They’re cheering us on!
(Can you hear them?)
You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car!
We all get to be Oprah Winfrey!
Because that’s just how life goes!
Around and around and around and back again.
Pick up your pencil.
We’re re-writing the rules this time!
This is how it’s going to be!



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