New Threads

Published DECEMBER 20, 2014

Reaching down
So far down
Deep inside
Beneath the tar and ashes.
Browsing back
So far backwards
Before the time
When smoke-lit
Living deep
So deep inside
Until to the surface
Whispering softly
So still and softly
Like newborn
Lovelost promises.
Willing steadily
So strong and steadily
Like Earth’s
Weighty pull.

Life’s grand tapestry
My thread pulling
Pulling me all over
This dusty page
Lines scrawled in sand
Driven on winds
Washed in tides
Always straying.
No grand illusions.
No great designs.
Wrap it in duct tape
And force it to fit
On this cobwebbed loom
Picking a new connection
From yesterdays wasted
To tomorrows lived more simply.



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