Published JULY 30, 2014

Severed into pieces
Heart fallen to the floor
It’s cavity now hollow inside
Prepared for stuffing
Herbs stuffed where the organs once were
Brain removed from the head
So I will forget
Heart removed from the chest
So I will stop loving
Sew the mouth closed
So I will stop lying to myself
Sew the eyes shut
So I will stop looking upon you
And anoint my skin with Frankincense,
Myrrh, Neroli, Juniper, and all of the mystic oils
So I will stop being so putrid

Carry my corpse to a deep, dark resting place
And toss it inside so that you will never see me again.
Make it dark and damp so I will rot quickly
Roll in front of it a heavy stone
Seal it up forever
So even the worms cannot leave
And carry my flesh to the gods
Making me pure again.

Someday I will beg of them forgiveness
Groveling in mud and filth
For my many transgressions.
But you,
I can never again face.



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