Gratitude for Being Whole- a poem

Pour me a cup of the divine,

And I’ll pour you a cup

Of my soul.

Open me up,

Spill me out,

Little by little

Over flowing

Just above my brim

And into my saucer

Little splashes of my soul

Mixed with milk

And honey.

The sweetness of life

Lived to the fullest!


You held space for me

In your cup

When there was no space in mine,

When there was no tea,

No honey,

No joy,

No milk,

No honey

No wine

No substance.

When the years,

The tears

All the folley

Life had stacked against me.

I measured the odds,

I counted the blessings,

In do’s and don’ts.

You held space for me in

Your cup—




Toppled over and over,

Refused to be whole.



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