The Song Of My Soul

Published October 29, 2013 |


Act 1: The Fantasy


Our love affair

Would have made the Gods weep

Tears of Joy,

Tears of sorrow.


Tangled in satin,

Two lovers,

Bodies entangled.


Breath, hot

On supple skin.


Fire and Ice.

Sand and Silk.


We fit,

Like the eternal puzzle,

Cut forms of granite,

From God’s grand design,

Shaped and chiseled,

Aphrodite and Ares.




Two mouths,

Two tongues.


Hands over acres

And acres of soft flesh,

Rolling like green hills

Of summer fields,

Untouched by suckling calves.


One begins

Where another ends.


Deeper and deeper,

Connecting higher and higher,

Returning to the Divine Mother-Father of us all,

Repenting our lost


We never gave ourselves permission to mourn.


Higher and higher we travel,

Deeper and deeper,

Until the final blissful crescendo.


Act 2: The Awakening


The smoke fades,

The illusion dissolves.

The milky dream-state of our consciousness

Washes slowly away

And crest-fallen, I sink back to my aloneness.


A child-lost.





Come here to find joy,

To seek remembrance,

Holy Communion.

Heart Connection.

But the illusion is more real than the reality was.


And my empty

Heart aches.

I sink to the earth like yesterday’s laundry—

Still heavy with the

Lingering fragrance of

Achievement and




And in my misery,

And in my heart-ache,

And in my despair;

I remember!

My love affair with self!


Act 3: Homecoming!


I remembered why I came here!


What those late-night fantasies

And long, summer day-dreams were

Really all about.

Daydreams give birth

To real dreams.

And that is the secret

My soul told to me.


And my soul continues to dream!


The veil was lifted,

My cup was filled!


When self-love is first love

Nothing else matters!


The two becoming one

Is the illusion!


I am one and one,

And one,

And one,

And one,

And all!


I remembered!


When my soul sang

And I created my body in harmony with the song,

I rejoiced!

My creation was perfect for

My playtime on earth, and

I was in love!


And my soul continues to sing!


Today my song

Is the song of the Self!


I Love You.

You are Whole!

You are Magical!

You are the Light!

You are the Miracle!

You are the World’s Child!

You are God’s Child!

Love Incarnate!

Christ Incarnate as you!

You are Your OWN CHILD!


And loved in full acceptance.

You are your own lover, best friend, mother, father, wife, husband, brother, sister!

You are your own and no one else’s!


Listen, child!

Who are you?



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