Sutra 3

I kept the light burning
Faithfully imagining
Your swift return.
I polished each lens
As my reflection grew
Age spots and wrinkles
But I missed it
I wasn’t looking
For none was reflected
To me
But you.
I walked
Long the shore
Along rocky cliffsides
Your hat held my hair
My heart held your hand
And I told you stories
All about my day
Made up memories
Of our ho-hum
Life of simplicity
And grace.
I tended to the lanterns
With the vigilance of
A new mother.
It was not tiresome
For I held the oilskins
Like our own precious child
Never realized
Never born
I cooed sweet melodies
And told her stories
Of her Pappa
At sea.
I danced for the Lady
Under full naked moons
And sipped honey
Evoking you to me
Over time and tide.
I waltzed with demons
And devils through hell
Arose in cinders and ashes
Fresh bargains falling
From cold lips
And when they reached for my heart
They found yours in it’s stead
And bowed in rever’ed silence
For love’s true sacrifice.
When offers of marriage
From churchmen and priests
Came calling on Sunday
I introduced you to them
In salacious detail.
I told them how
The sounds of our lovemaking
Could be heard out over the sea
Echoing over the cliffsides
I told them how you
Did those most
And dark things
Damning us both for
Fleshy delights.
I held you in darkness
And made love to you
Each morning
At the dawning of day
Each time
You filled me
As if you’d never
Never gone away.
Our hearts and bodies
Traversed universes
Together as we opened life’s
And drifted inside.
We drew each other close
Making two one
And I carried you within me.
I read to you poems
And tales of all kinds
In front of the fire
Your head resting in my soft lap
Softer now
Feeling my belly
Rise and fall with each breath
You listen and we talk
And we imagine ourselves
The heroes and villians
Adventuring lovers.
Loyal and true.



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