There’ve been
Entire lifetimes
Between us
When the loss
World changing.
Universe defining.
And yet we couldn’t
Make it work.
We slow down now
We create pockets
To love each other in
When we are together
When we were.
It hurts
Because of old hurts
This pain
Is Karmic pain
It may not be
Any more than this
But this pain
Reminds me
What to relish
What to treasure
What to appreciate
And how to
See my way
Through the
I was there.
And yet I forgot
How I was losing it
You perhaps
Were holding me
What strength that must have
Especially if I was just
Someone to be kind to.
I get it,
It’s okay.
Sometimes we’re just meant
To be kind to each other
And to remember
Those long-forgotten
Where the loss
Was so grand
That even
The Earth shook
In awe of it.
Come to me
As swiftly as you can
When you are ready
And not a moment sooner
There will be
Yet to live
If not on Gaia,
We’ll find our plane.


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