Once upon a time
Someone posted a funny
About toilet paper
A few very scared people took it
Very seriously and out of fear
And desperation to do
Everything possible to
Protect and love their family
They said
Ok so apparently toilet paper is important
And so they collected all they could
For their family
Who they loved
Heart and soul
Soul and heart.
And seeing these people
Buying up toilet paper
And not seeing the hearts of man
Others became angry
And confused
And scared
You won’t take from my family!
And thus they bought it all up
And it didn’t stop there.
And the ones who
Said I’m smart
Listen to me
Said do this do that
And others said
This person is to blame and that person is to blame
And all of this
The world is listening
What are you saying?
You never know if yours is the joke
That changes the world!



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