Quarantine Mags.

Reason 5415184132154 I love “quarantine” despite what the media says, mom and angel radio are at peace. The work is happening

Reason 684666256484651684 I love “quarantine” I know the people I love are also taking very good care now

Reason 5358413216466 I love “quarantine” I had to confront my worst fears! And I am rockin it!!

Reason 66564984684341 I love “quarantine” getting to see all you beautiful people share more of yourselves

Reason 5435684132136 I love “quarantine” I’ve been writing, painting, and social distancing in nature for the 1st time in years

Reason 54516846332 I love “quarantine” I don’t feel responsible for or obligated to be anywhere for anyone but me and my kids

Reason 654515484531 why I love “quarantine” I am getting back to who I really am!

Reason 54651346413 why I love “quarantine”
I am able to fully be myself without the opinion of others – and its about dam time!!!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts as well:



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