We met
By accident
Though it was
No mistake
Neither of us
Looking but
Hm –
Was there something
We talked
And walked
And laughed
I showed you
You showed me
And together we saw
An opening
Through trees
And clouds
Some different
What we’d both
Always wanted.
We did our own
But each passing day
Curiosity caught us
And we were both wandering
About each other
What’s going on?
Eventually we knew
We just wanted to
Share every spare
We brought ourselves
100 percent
We brought the truth
And left behind
Our pasts
It was easy
As if they just
Slid away
Like old skins
No longer needed.
Every day we set out
To out-do
Each other in love
What new surprises can
I imagine for you?
We brought home
Jokes and funny stories
Because we loved
Our laughter
And looking for the good
Brought us even
In sync.
At last.
A true mate
And companion.
Like me but
Filling in my blanks.
You a solid and gentle builder
Your natural muse.
What I always wanted
From teenage daydreaming
And adult escape
No need for freeing
I’m no longer a slave
I choose wisely
I see true
No more “potential”
Just easily loved
And returned.
So it is
So it is
So it ever is!!!!


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