Book Updates

In light of recent life lessons and in keeping with my current vision and path, I’ve been reviewing past poetry. When something is no longer in alignment, it’s palpable. I acknowledge my journey and the sentiment which led me here, however my own words: there’s nothing back there for me.

I’ve unpublished my books “Hymns to Do Battle To” “Songs of Ascension” and “Verses of Surrender” as they no longer reflect who I am.

Just because a thing happened along the way, does not mean you should be limited by it. I am not.

My first book of original artwork and INSPIRING, transformative, and motivational poetry “Make It.” will be available soon.

In the meantime, I’ve taken down many past poems. What I’m writing now, I write for myself and it feels GOOD to me. I hope you enjoy it as well.

xoxo Mags

(As a side note, I wanted to name it “Make it So” however, it would seem a man named Jean Luc Picard from a show called Star Trek took that name! Lol – I have come to love very much the practice of pointing my finger to the heavens and declaring boldly “Make it So!”)



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