Love: Day One.

I’m looking for that
Today is the first day
And the last day
Kinda’ vibe.
Get to know me
Each new morning
What do I think today
That I had no clue
Hit on me
Like you just saw me
For the first time –
Use all your best lines
And give it your best try
Every day.
What do I look like
What do you notice
That you’ve never seen?
Pick me a single
Wild flower,
A different one
From yesterday’s.
Tell me which parts
Of it
Remind you of me –
Why it’s special –
What it means to you
When you hold me
Like a daisy.
Tell me every day
As if I’ve never heard it
Love me like it’s
The first day
The last day
For the rest of our
I’ll play along
I love this game.



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