The Bar Called Transformation.

Phil and Bill
Love their bar.
They go as much
As they can
To complain
The same complaints
Everyone else
And how the world
Has gone to mess.
Phil and Bill
Are satisfied with
Their habit
And except for
A few arguments
With the wife
And being a little
Short on cash
See no real reason
To do it
Any other way.
They work hard.
They’ve earned it
And all of the
Mean people out there
Are causing it all.
They can’t take on
The entire world
But they can
Take themselves
To the bar.
Good bar buddies
Always there for
Each other.
Like Burt and Ernie –
Abbot and Costello.
Nothing is ever
Changed or fixed
And they like it that way.
The same.
Every day.
The same.
Ted and Fred
The bar called
Right next door.
They gather to joke
To poke
To stand superior
To Phil and Bill.
They joke and joke
Until their own
Lives seem Rightly
And Correctly
Lived –
To them.
They dump all over
Phil and Bill
Attributes and blame
Which are assumed to be
They agree with each other
No attack,
No argument,
Full acceptance.
They like it this way.
It’s a comfort
To them
To collect enough
That thier life
Is on track –
Whether or not
It’s true –
Whether or not
They are actually
About it.
In the bar called
The lingo is
The habit’s
The same.
I’ve been friends
With Phils and Bills
Teds and Freds
I was no different.
A bar is a bar.
Both are the same.
Both were unsatisfying
To me.
Both left me
Hung over,
And wrung out.
Both drained my energy
Both kept me stuck.
My choice
For me
Is to practice
A different way.



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