Be Choosy.

Be choosy
She whispered
In daughter’s ear.
Be not hasty to
Give in to fear.
Be choosy in
Daily endeavors.
Be choosy with
Your hearts
True tethers.
Seek out one
Who matches you.
Seek out one
Who sees all of you.
Seek out one who’s
Matches your own.
Seek out one
Whose life is thier own.
Seek out one
Steady and strong.
Seek out one
Direct and clear –
Who doesn’t make you wrong
For being exactly who you are.
Seek out one
Who forever will stay
At your side
No wandering eyes.
Seek out one
Developed and wise.
Seek all these things,
You’re no simple fool
You’ve already seen
Love is more than a tool
For shaping and growing
Boys into men.
Love is for sharing
Between souls
Returning together again
And again
And again.



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