Even Exchange.

You stand at my door
Empty handed,
Palms extended,
Mouth open,
Eyes closed;
Ever asking for
All I’ve defended,
And collected
Hard fought for
And won.
You ask without
Asking –
Demands ever demanding –
And tell me
It’s not enough
Or up to
Your standards.
You are empty-handed beggar
And I am fool.
No more.
Next time that
I see you
Have handed
Your keys to the
I’ll see you’re
Detained at the door
You’ll pollute my
Heart no more –
Say what you may
But you’ve none to
But yourself
For opportunities
Taken and wasted
When you only
Had to enjoy
A good life;
But instead
You created a war –
And now you’re
Wanted no more.
And now next time
I find at my door
Hands empty,
Palms open,
Mouth agape;
I know to walk
Away with haste.
I’ll wait for
Even exchange.
Until then my
Hands clasp each other
Till proven can
Hold another
Who would bring
The world to my door
And see that I
Want no more.


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