We sat on top of
The popup camper
Parked in my
Parents driveway –
Playing pretend
Like it was a horse
And buggy
And I was your country wife
And you were a cowboy
And you fought off the Indians.
(Sorry, we didn’t know any better.)
Your blonde hair
Sparkled like sunlight
Flowing from the
Top of your head
And I watched it
Completely mesmerized.
I’d never met a boy
Who I would describe
As beautiful
Before I remembered you.
How did you get there
And why do you only
Exist in a few
Memories – and where
Did you go off to
And did you ever
Rescue anyone else
From wild Indians?
(Sorry again!
I hope the Indians won.
Did I tell you
I’m Cherokee?)
Were you ever there
At all or did I
Just dream you?
Like every other time
Someone’s come along
Out of the blue
Just in the nick of time
And disappeared
Back into obscurity.
The explanation is probably
Quite simply
I’m just misremembering
But it doesn’t
Feel like it to me –
Feels like it ought to be
Something significant.



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