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Sutra 32.

Love is a conversation
It flows through – as.
It’s no small wonder
Poetry is the preferred
Conversation of Lovers,
Poetry, like love,
Requires air to breathe
And to spring to life;
Room to grow and to fill
The dark cavities which exist
Between worlds being
Birthed into independent
Love requires patience
And tender nurturing
For love’s timeline does
Not bow or conform
To the timeline
Which rules flesh.
Love requires silence
To hear her delicate breath
Echoing through the silence
With no walls or bounds
From which to reverberate
And return true.
Love requires faith
For he follows no formula –
No equation or recipe or compound
Will yield that which the
Heart seeks.
Love requires creativity
For once you are
To have it,
Love will change form
And you will find empty
Palms clutching
Empty bedsheets.
Love requires humor
Lest it become too heavy
And love falls beneath you
And is lost to
Love requires boldness
To declare
And externally
That it has arrived,
For your word will
Call Love into being
Just as your word
Will send it from you.


Sutra 28.

My beloved
Arrives on
The wind
Fire crackling lightning
Indigo skies
Orb shrouding over
Did you hear
The purity in her cry?
Beloved stand near me
As in this moment
Decisions be made
My beloved
Is white knight
Riding dark horse flying
And lord of the skies
Return swiftly
Our time is nigh.

Sutra 27.

My beloved
Makes love
Without touching
When souls
Without agenda
In open spaces –
The crossings.
My beloved
Makes love
With moonlight
And sunbeam
And starlight
Dancing –
Gazes locked in
Communion –
Where inner worlds
On this Eucharist
Of tears and
Bitter brokenness.
My beloved
Makes love
Of pain
And hatred
And sadness
And every dark thing.
My beloved
Sees me whole.

Sutra 26.

My Beloved is
Newborn smiles,
Sunshine laughter
Of children at play
In God’s backyard.
My Beloved is
The family cave
Safely sheltered
Gathered within
Mother’s arms
Father’s gaze.
My beloved is
Kitchen table telling
And afternoon snacking
And inside joke teasing.
My beloved is

Sutra 25.

Unfold the stillness
Like a pocket of silence
Resting near the
Seed of my soul
Feel the mushroom-cloud
As explosions of
The Beloved’s grace
Rain in wispy
Afternoon showers
As if the sun could rain
Tendrils of love-light
From the Creator
Down into our centers.

Sutra 23.

My beloved teaches me
To tend to my
Garden of desires
To observe those things
Which my heart dwell upon
To pay attention to where
My attention wanders.
My beloved teaches me to watch
Myself as I am watchful.
My beloved teaches me to
Go within in stillness
To seek those
Narrow and winding pathways
Those places where waking and
Restful hours meet.
My beloved teaches me to
Read every signpost
To understand how to count down
To measure each mile owed
This journey’s master’s end.

Sutra 22

My beloved teaches me
That love is fragile
And fleeting
And requires great tenderness
And constant care
And attention
And affection
Love is so delicate
And precious
It can be so easily
Or neglected
Or forgotten
Or abused.
It’s strong but fraile
Quite the dichotomy
How love can change the shape
Of the surface of the earth
And yet a single argument can undo it.
Love can endure the torments of time and weather.
But collapses at simple misunderstanding
And hurt feelings.
My beloved teaches me
The value of love
Is in the holding.
In the protecting.
In the defending.
My beloved teaches me
To recognize when
My love is truly held

Sutra 18

My beloved
Teaches me
To Love gently
With spiderweb
And the delicacy of
Sandy grains
Felt singly
Over fingertips.
My beloved
Teaches me
To Listen
To those words without
Uttered in stillness
Remember the knowingness
It repeated itself
Three times.
Remember the third
How the deal was sealed.
You chose.
The agreement was broken.
A shell is just a shell.
Oaths taken too lightly
Broken too easily.
My beloved
Teaches me
That loving
Is fragile,
That love
Is fragile.
My beloved shows me
No mercy
As I learn to treasure
Another’s Grace.

Sutra 17

My beloved
Speaks to me
In the Laughter
Of strangers.
How our souls bloom
Soft petals
Through rosy masks
When we give ourselves
To the beloved
In laughter.
How we touch each other
In tender dark spaces
Where universes meet
In secret
Within the expanse;
And feet fleeting onward,
We flee one another’s
Secret spaces
Lest we forget ourselves
In our division
And join one another
In madness.

Sutra 16

My beloved
Washes over
And through me,
Crystalline light.
If you listen long
You may hear it
Like church bells through
Honeycombed temples.
Immerse yourself in her stillness
As mother’s loves
Humming creation’s
Sunlight pure
Like the desert southwest
Unobstructed light
Creating eldritch images
As light plays with shadow and makes love
Over crumbling walls.
Listen to the breath
Of my beloved
How it crunches
Like summer straw bales
Dragged through dewy grasses.
Stand in the stillness,
Like Christ’s footsteps on water,
Like memory foam.
Feel the emptiness buzzing
With such ferocity,
This great roar
Of silence.
My beloved holds
Within her,
Uncompromised by fear and shame and insanity.
My beloved teaches me
To cherish
That deep and treasured
Where form meets formless
That coveted light
The bridge to Mother.
Protect her ever
As the purest and most precious
Child of Light.
This frail and fragile gift
May I ever protect it
Bounty from Father Sea
Messages in bottles
Delivered unto the beloved
Barefooted by me.
My beloved teaches me
“Be picky love”
She whispers
“Take only what’s meant for you”
“All else would only sour.”
My beloved teaches me patience
As I observe
Time and tide
The distance between crossings
Ever narrowing.
I watch now
Observing her signs
As the beloved teaches me to listen
To the voice of the universe
As she unravels my own
Life’s mysteries to me.
My beloved teaches me rest
As my cheek and my pillow,
Gentle lovers make,
And bones and sinew
Find workspace for their knitting,
And my mind gently cooing,
My breathing tells me I’m asleep.

Sutra 15

I find myself
Ever lost
In love for thee
As I find myself
Ever lost in my
I forget to speak
Of thee
To announce my admiration
So lost in
Fairyland love for you
Am I.
I watch thee
Like a child
Watched by the
I find myself
In awe of thee;
Breath’s caught
In sideways
I find myself
Ever afraid of thee,
Shying away from
Tender graces.
Mercy’s first love –
Perfectly –
As the Beloved.

Sutra 13

Beyond all confusion
Beyond doubt’s shadow
Lurking in lust’s corner
Beyond the worry
Beyond the eyes searching faces
Beyond stares lost in gazes
Beyond the longing
(How can I miss what’s never been there?)
Beyond this path
Beyond night’s dancing daisies
Beyond polished plastic jewels
Beyond love’s impostor’s spectacle-delight
There’s a narrow way
That opens —
Meet me there,
Beloved —
And into the unknown we’ll away!

Sutra 6

My heart wants
To love you
A little
A little
She wants to
In yesteryears
Replaying your smile
The touch
Of your palms
Are encoded
In my soul’s
The smell
Of the top
Of your head
Cheap airfreshener
New cologne
I know it was
Vetiver and tobacco
Your gaze
On the back of my eyes
So that the
World is seen
Colored glasses
I’ll linger here
A few moments longer
Thank the Mother
For you
Thanks to thee
Holy Mother
And so it is!

Sutra 5

Amber waves
Come in pulses
Flesh cannot contain
Spiral lime-green
Love’s DNA
Lust’s progenitor
Yellow tides
Pulling inward
Awash in every hue.
Rolling pleasure
Contracts to pain.
Thank the mother
Thank the ruby fire
Into thy Temple
My blessed virtue
May it worthy be.
And so it is!!!!


Sutra 4

I love you
Beyond my own fear
As I hold you
While letting you go.
I love you
Beyond my own jealousy
Boldly and sweetly
Courageous and brave
Writing poems with fingers
Tracing over
Goosepimpled skin
I love you
Beyond my own failings
Remaining rooted
Anchored and present
Seeking alignment with the divine
So that I may love you
As the universe loves you
I love you
Beyond expectations
I love the me
That’s in you
As fine mirrors
We make each other
Hold my hand
Merge with me
Pull me through.

Sutra 3

I kept the light burning
Faithfully imagining
Your swift return.
I polished each lens
As my reflection grew
Age spots and wrinkles
But I missed it
I wasn’t looking
For none was reflected
To me
But you.
I walked
Long the shore
Along rocky cliffsides
Your hat held my hair
My heart held your hand
And I told you stories
All about my day
Made up memories
Of our ho-hum
Life of simplicity
And grace.
I tended to the lanterns
With the vigilance of
A new mother.
It was not tiresome
For I held the oilskins
Like our own precious child
Never realized
Never born
I cooed sweet melodies
And told her stories
Of her Pappa
At sea.
I danced for the Lady
Under full naked moons
And sipped honey
Evoking you to me
Over time and tide.
I waltzed with demons
And devils through hell
Arose in cinders and ashes
Fresh bargains falling
From cold lips
And when they reached for my heart
They found yours in it’s stead
And bowed in rever’ed silence
For love’s true sacrifice.
When offers of marriage
From churchmen and priests
Came calling on Sunday
I introduced you to them
In salacious detail.
I told them how
The sounds of our lovemaking
Could be heard out over the sea
Echoing over the cliffsides
I told them how you
Did those most
And dark things
Damning us both for
Fleshy delights.
I held you in darkness
And made love to you
Each morning
At the dawning of day
Each time
You filled me
As if you’d never
Never gone away.
Our hearts and bodies
Traversed universes
Together as we opened life’s
And drifted inside.
We drew each other close
Making two one
And I carried you within me.
I read to you poems
And tales of all kinds
In front of the fire
Your head resting in my soft lap
Softer now
Feeling my belly
Rise and fall with each breath
You listen and we talk
And we imagine ourselves
The heroes and villians
Adventuring lovers.
Loyal and true.

Sutra 2

I want to breathe my own breath
From your lips
Slightly parted
Softly sensing
Where you end
I begin
I want to feel
Fullness filling fullness
Giving form to formless
Shape to shapeless
I used to beg not to climb
And beg not to fall
I beg
Kisses full of promise
Understand what please means.
I want to see rivers
And stars in your eyes
Hear thunder and waves of the ocean
As you wash over me
From inside.
I want to feel your softness
Beneath me
While in your lap I lie
Softly stroking skin
Still hungering
Still humming


I’ll make myself
A lover
To become love,
Rumi’s child.
Tongue’s dripping honey,
Fingers trace
Along life’s surface
Leaving marks
Of the divine.
I’ll call forth
Through time,
To become love;
Through dimensions,
O’er the void,
Beyond Oneness,
Into the Contraction!
I’ll meet your
Anew on the other side!
Life always returns
To me what’s mine!
I’ll write myself
To become love;
Sacred with treacle,
We’ll dine together
And time will evaporate
As we lose ourselves
In one another’s eyes.
I’ll be gentle
With compassion
To become love,
Downy layers
Of warm winter quilts.
Soothing baths
In oatmeal and honey.
Sunday afternoon laundry,
YouTube and vibe.
I’ll appreciate deeply
To become love.
I’ll sit
With your stillness
Or anger
Or pain.
I’ll hold space for your
I’ll hold space for
Your flaws.
I’ll notice each feature
Each wrinkle
Each line.
I’ll memorize your energy.
I’ll memorize your body.
I’ll unravel your mind.
I’ll notice it all
And keep looking until
It’s seen fully
And deeply
And understood
I’ll inquire more
To be love.
I’ll ask every question
Every time.
I’ll ask myself what
There is to ask.
What would I ask
If you broke my heart;
What would I ask
If I hated you?
What would I ask out
Of anger
What would I ask
Out of pain?
Because love blinds me
So completely
There’s nothing
To ask!
But I’ll love you
I’ll show you I care
And ask
Every time!